Take the pain out of managing your computer systems.

Northern Star Solutions has been providing IT Support to Small and Mid Size Business since 2002.  From getting your network wired to up and running, managing your servers and helping minimize downtime. 

We are focused on Small and Mid Size Businesses, from no servers to multiple servers integraded with the cloud.

Did you know?

Statistically, small businesses that lose their data through computer failure and are unable to recover that data, are out of business within a year. Don't let this happen to you. It doesn't have to be a total disaster if you just initiate a simple back-up plan that protects your data, your business and you.

Is It a Backup?

When you backup to an External Hard Drive and leave it beside the computer... it's not really a backup.

A proper backup is not on the same property and preferably not in the same city.

Keep it Running

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It's like having your very own IT Department